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For 15 years, I have focused my California law practice on providing peaceful solutions to complicated family law issues. As a dedicated divorce lawyer, I firmly believe that a courtroom is not the proper venue for families, especially children, to have their matters heard. Mediation and Collaborative Law allow individuals to maintain control over the outcome of their case, while also preserving family relationships. It is important to remember that there is life after divorce, birthday parties and weddings to attend, and grandchildren to share. I am dedicated to helping individuals take advantage of alternative dispute resolutions to help them make constructive decisions related to:

At Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, I devote necessary time, talent and resources to ensuring every client understands his or her options. My extensive experience as an Newport Beach Collaborative Law attorney and Mediator allows me to discuss the process with my clients and determine which process may be the best course of action based on their unique situation.

"I am committed to helping clients resolve their issues out-of-court and maintain their focus on the best interests of the children. My strategies help families keep the peace, not stir up problems." - Attorney Jones

Trained Mediation and Collaborative Law Attorney

Mediation can help parties come together to make decisions. As an attorney neutral in mediation, I provide unbiased, third-party guidance to help both parties discover creative ways to handle different issues important to their families. If you are considering using a mediator, it is important that you do not provide too many details before selecting an attorney neutral.

The details should be provided when both parties are together with the Mediator. I can discuss the process to help you decide if mediation is the right alternative for you, while preserving your confidentiality and neutrality.

Collaborative Law uses a team of professionals to help address the different complicated issues associated with divorce. The supportive team is typically chosen based on the specific issue at hand. By retaining my services, you may benefit from the confidential relationship bound within Collaborative Law. As an attorney focused on peaceful, beneficial resolutions, I have handled countless cases utilizing mediation and collaborative law. I invite you to seriously consider how these strategies can help you preserve co-parenting relationships.

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I provide a free 15-minute telephone consultation as well as a one-hour in-office consultation for $150. You can contact me at 714-881-4068 or toll free at 888-844-9239. For convenience, I also accept e-mails.