Newport Beach Collaborative Family Law Attorney

Orange County Collaborative Divorce Attorney

At the Newport Beach, California, office of Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, I provide dedicated collaborative law representation tailored to each client's needs. Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution approach that enables individuals to resolve divorce issues and solve problems while making the best interest of the children the focus of negotiation. A member of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County since its founding, I have been trained in the Collaborative method and continue to attend classes in that process.

Collaborative law follows a team approach. Every member of the team — attorneys for both parties, medical and financial experts, and a child specialist neutral — works together to achieve creative solutions for every issue. The team members are also members of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County and have been thoroughly trained in the Collaborative method.

"Handling legal matters in court is not always best. I understand how out-of-court strategies can help you preserve your family and protect the best interests of your children." - Attorney Jones

With 15 years of experience as a lawyer dedicated to family law, I understand the serious financial and emotional hardships associated with divorce. I also understand that handling issues through the collaborative law process is typically less expensive, less stressful and less time consuming. As an Newport Beach collaborative family law attorney, I will discuss your situation thoroughly and help guide you through the process.

Team Approach to Peaceful Solutions

The purpose of Collaborative Law is to enable attorneys, mental health experts and financial neutrals to facilitate communication so that both parties can arrive at peaceful solutions. Collaborative law teams are chosen based on the specific issues you are facing. For instance, if you have a property division dispute or other assets and debts to divide, a neutral financial expert would be on the team.

When children are involved, a child specialist neutral can help both parents agree upon a parenting plan and give the children a voice in the process. The expert can provide input on schedules as well as a child's special needs. When children are of a certain age, they can express their parenting plan preferences with the child specialist neutral.

Confidential Attorney Relationship

Unlike mediation, in which neither party has an attorney representing him or her in the process, Collaborative Law provides a confidential relationship between each party and his or her attorney. If you are considering collaborative law, I invite you to contact me to discuss your situation.

Free Phone Consultations

Contact me at 714-881-4068 or toll free at 888-844-9239 to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation or a one-hour in-office consultation for $150. You can also send me an e-mail.

For more information, view videos at the California Collaborative Divorce Channel.