The goal of California courts is to protect the best interests of the child involved in legal matters. When a parent is unfit or unable to provide care for his or her child — either temporarily or long term due to substance abuse, emotional instability, etc. — a guardian may be appointed to ensure that the emotional, financial, or educational needs of the child are met.

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What Is a Guardianship?

Under California law, a family court can appoint a person to act as the legal guardian of a child under a number of different circumstances, including a parent's failure to adequately care for a child, and a parent's failure to prevent child abuse.

Like the parent, a legal guardian assumes the same parental responsibilities and rights as a child's mother or father and is accountable for the child's care and safety until the guardianship ends.

Guardianships and Grandparents' Rights

An increased number of grandparents are seeking guardianships over their grandchildren. This can be an effective arrangement that protects the interests of children while their parents sort out their problems and disagreements, seek counseling, etc. A grandparent may be able to obtain a temporary or permanent guardianship to protect the short- or long-term needs of the child involved.

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