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Identifying Peaceful Solutions to Property Division in Divorce

One of the major issues in any divorce is the division of property and debts. Most individuals wish to avoid a long and contentious court battle to settle these matters, but many are not familiar with the alternative options that exist.

I am Newport Beach property division attorney Elizabeth Jones, and I help clients throughout the Orange County area identify creative ways to approach property division in divorce. If you are interested in learning more about finding peaceful solutions to difficult divorce-related matters through Mediation, please contact my law office in Newport Beach, California.

Dividing Property and Debt in Divorce

California is a community property state. This means that when a couple divorces, any property acquired or debts accumulated during the marriage is subject to division. Separate property, or property acquired by either spouse before the marriage, remains that of the party who originally owned it.

  • Division of property — I help parties divide all types of marital assets in a divorce, including the marital home and other real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, 401(k) plans, family businesses, cars, employment income, and more.
  • Division of debt — Debt, just like assets, must be divided in a divorce. I guide clients through the process of dividing all kinds of debt including credit card debt, mortgage debt, and other marital debt.

An Alternative to Divorce Litigation

When parties are unable to come to an agreement on the division of property or debt in a divorce, the case may proceed to court where a judge will make a determination. Divorce litigation can be costly, timely, and cause extra strain on all parties involved.

However, there are alternative approaches.

I help clients explore their options for settling the division of property through Mediation. When individuals utilize in these alternative dispute resolution techniques, they work cooperatively and collaboratively to settle disagreements. These options can save individuals time and money, and are generally less contentious than traditional divorce litigation. Additionally, divorcing spouses stay in control throughout the entire process.

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