The Best Interests Of The Children

At the Newport Beach office of Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, I provide insightful family law representation. With 20 years of experience as a lawyer, I understand the substantial emotional burden placed on children throughout the divorce process. Additionally, as a trained mediator, I believe that a courtroom is not the best option for resolving issues and protecting the best interests of the children.

"Courtroom proceedings can be stressful and intimidating for adults, let alone children. I take a peaceful approach to divorce matters. I focus on alternatives to court to help my clients protect the best interest of the child." - Attorney Jones

Alternative dispute resolution strategies enable individuals to solve their issues creatively and peacefully, focusing on the children. Because mediation centers on the pursuit of solutions, each process tends to take less time and cost less money, as well.

Focusing On The Children's Needs

Alternative dispute resolution can help parents agree on custody and parenting plans. When using a neutral mediator to facilitate communication, or working with your attorney and a team, the children's best interests are the focus. These strategies can ensure that parenting plans address:

  • Schedules (extracurricular events, sports, holidays)
  • The age of each child
  • The special needs of each child (medical, emotional and educational)
  • The developmental age of each child, which is often different from chronological age
  • Availability of each parent for parenting

My California law practice provides service as an attorney neutral mediator for individuals pursuing mediation.

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