Newport Beach Lawyer Who Helps With Child Support Matters

The goal of California family courts in child support matters is to protect the best interests of the child involved. With this in mind, both parents are expected to provide financially for their children.

If you are facing child support determinations, contact my law firm, Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, to discuss your concerns. For 20 years, I have been helping clients come to agreements on difficult family law matters in a cooperative and collaborative way.

How Child Support Is Determined In California

Specific factors are considered when determining child support in California:

  • The needs of the child
  • The incomes of each parent
  • The child custody arrangement
  • Other factors

The courts also rely on DISSOMASTER or X-Spouse to determine child support guidelines. As a dedicated Newport Beach child support attorney, I have extensive experience using both computer programs to give clients an idea of their situation.

"Finances are important, but not as important as the best interests of your children. I focus my 20 years of experience on pursuing out-of-court resolutions to divorce issues to help preserve family dynamics and the best interests of the children." — Attorney Jones

Controlling Your Resolutions

As a dedicated family law lawyer, I understand that you and your spouse can maintain control of the outcome of your child support issues through mediation. Mediation enables both parties to make decisions.

In both instances, you must understand what the law would dictate if you were taking your matters to court. You do not need to follow the letter of the law, as long as you knowingly and voluntarily agree to make creative decisions.

My California law practice concentrates on mediation to help clients focus on the best interests of their children and preserve family relationships. Additionally, I provide service as an attorney neutral mediator for individuals pursuing mediation.

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