Irvine Lawyer Helping To Determine Parenting Plans

Whether you need help arriving at a parenting plan during a dissolution of marriage or are seeking modification of an existing custody order and visitation schedule, there are alternatives to the courtroom.

At the law office of Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, parents find the support and legal help they need to develop child custody agreements and parenting plans that meet the needs of their children.

I'm Elizabeth Jones, an Newport Beach parenting plan attorney with 20 years of experience. I am a trained mediator. Whether you choose to use mediation or your case goes to family court, I can help you protect your child's best interests.

Negotiating A Parenting Plan Out Of Court

A parenting plan should be detailed enough to avoid conflict but flexible enough to allow for the changes necessary in daily life. When working with parents, I help them think through the details of their schedules and their child's schedules so that all the details can be considered in their plan.

A parenting plan may include:

  • Where a child has primary residence
  • Where a child attends school
  • The child's activities and who provides transportation
  • What days of the week a child will spend with each parent
  • Who will have the child during holidays and school breaks
  • Visitation with grandparents and other relatives
  • Pickup and drop-off times, possibly alternative locations for exchanging the child

Taking the time to develop a solution with the parent of your child will save you time, money and can often result in a more workable and tailored solution for your family. I take the time to understand your individual needs and develop a comprehensive parenting plan that meets your goals and keeps the best interests of your child in mind.

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