Why Mediation Makes Sense

When it comes to the dissolution of a marriage, many people think that the only way to resolve their differences is through litigation, an often lengthy and expensive process that pits two parties as adversaries, typically resulting in a clear "winner" and "loser." The good news is that this does not have to be the only approach when a marriage has come to an end. Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that puts the decision-making power in the hands of those it will affect the most.

I am Elizabeth Jones, a California attorney who has extensive experience and training in the field of mediation. I work closely with couples to help them reach an agreement that they can both live with, avoiding the stress of a long, drawn-out trial.

Why Mediation? A Common Sense Approach To The Dissolution Of Marriage.

In mediation, a couple agrees to resolve their issues as peacefully and with as little conflict as possible. In a traditional divorce case, the major decisions are often left to competing lawyers with a judge acting as the ultimate decision maker. When a couple decides to resolve their problems through mediation, they take power back from the courts and are given a say in how the end of their marriage plays out.

Because couples are communicating with one another instead of through their attorneys, and because these issues are not settled in court, mediation is almost always less expensive and less stressful than a litigated dissolution case. If children are involved, the mediation process is often less emotionally harmful than an adversarial approach, as the children see that their parents are able to listen to one another and compromise, even in the midst of conflict. For couples that are able to speak with one another, mediation just makes more sense than tearing one another down in court.

Your Neutral, Third-Party Mediator

My role in the mediation process is to serve as a neutral, third-party attorney/mediator. I help guide couples through the decision-making process, all the while preserving your confidentiality and my neutrality. I can let you know whether this process is the right option for your situation.

Is Mediation Right For You? Call For A Free Phone Consultation.

With 20 years of legal experience, I can answer all of your questions regarding this form of dispute resolution. I provide a free 15-minute telephone consultation as well as a one-hour in-office consultation for $150. You can contact me at 714-881-4068. For convenience, I also accept emails. From my office in Newport Beach, I provide mediation services for families throughout Irvine and Southern California.