Mediation: Confidentiality And Neutrality

Mediation allows both parties to make his or her own decisions concerning complex legal matters. As an experienced lawyer who has handled numerous dissolution of marriage cases, I understand how alternative dispute resolution strategies like mediation can help individuals control the outcome of their disputes in a cost-effective, non-threatening manner.

"At the Newport Beach, California, office of Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, I provide dedicated Mediation services tailored to each client's needs." - Attorney Jones

Experienced Guidance Through The Mediation Process

I bring 20 years of experience focused on family law. As an attorney dedicated to helping individuals preserve family relationships during the dissolution of marriage process, I understand the benefits of mediation. Additionally, I have gained insights and practical experience through the Advanced Family Law Mediation program at the Strauss Institute at Pepperdine University and multiple other mediation trainings.

The moment you walk into my office for your first meeting, everything discussed is absolutely confidential. No information is shared with anyone under any circumstances other than the other party until the final document representing your agreement is filed with the court. That means that down the road, your children will not be able to uncover the agreement or any negative remarks contained in your mediation. Additionally, as your attorney neutral, I can never discuss your case or be compelled to testify in court about your case. Your mediation is completely confidential.

Determining Whether Mediation Is Right For You

Mediation provides the essential element of neutrality. Both parties must be able to trust that a mediator:

  • Does not choose sides
  • Does not give support or advocacy to one party vs. another

It is very important that you do not share specific facts about your case when first calling my firm. Wait until both parties are together so that neither party believes that I have taken sides in the case and so that I can preserve my neutrality. I provide a free 15-minute consultation over the phone to help individuals determine whether or not mediation is right for them.

Call Me For A Free Phone Consultation

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