The Effects Of Peaceful Solutions

Since 1996, I have provided comprehensive family law representation. As a dedicated California lawyer, I understand how the legal system can damage family bonds and place undue stress on all involved, especially children.

"I have focused my practice on out-of-court strategies for 20 years. I understand and have seen firsthand the benefits gained by keeping matters out of court and focusing on the best interests of the children." - Attorney Jones

At the Newport Beach office of Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, I am dedicated to helping individuals get through their divorce issues effectively and efficiently. My extensive experience as an attorney neutral mediator enables me to direct individuals on the best interests of the children. My law firm is finding peaceful solutions.

The Benefits Of Resolving Family Law Issues Through Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution strategies, such as mediation, enable individuals to work together to find creative resolutions to complicated problems. Additionally, mediation law provides the following benefits:

  • Children don't have to choose between parents.
  • Children have permission to love parents equally.
  • Preservation of family relationships
  • Financial stability for the family
  • Cost-effective processes

Contact Me To Learn More About How Mediation Can Help You

Contact my Newport Beach office at 714-881-4068 to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation or a one-hour in-office consultation for $150. You can also send me an e-mail.