Trust And Transparency In Mediation

The dissolution of marriage — even when it is the right option — can be stressful for everyone. Alternative dispute resolution strategies, such as mediation, can help individuals control the outcome of their situations in a cost-effective and calm manner.

"A solution isn't the right solution if it doesn't bring peace to an overwhelming situation. I am dedicated to providing out-of-court assistance to protect the best interests of the children and families." - Attorney Jones

As an experienced lawyer, I understand the benefits of mediation. If you are struggling with difficult issues related to the dissolution of marriage or are thinking about filing for a dissolution of marriage, I recommend that you consider using an attorney neutral to act as a mediator and help you and the other party discover peaceful solutions to your complicated problems.

At the Newport Beach, California, office of Elizabeth Jones, a Professional Corporation, I provide dedicated mediation services tailored to each client's needs.

Trust And Honesty Are Essential To A Successful Mediation

In mediation, the mediator and all parties need to trust that everyone will be forthcoming and honest throughout the process. Trust is essential to the process, because without trust both parties will have difficulty working together to resolve their problems.

Additionally, each party must be transparent with the preparation and exchange of all information necessary to meet and reach final and fair resolutions of the issues. Transparency is required by law. If it is determined that one or both parties have violated their duty of transparency, he or she could be subject to sanctions. For instance, if you do not disclose your financial information completely or honestly, an entire asset could be awarded to the other party.

If you are considering mediation, it is important that you do not provide a divorce mediator with details about your case. I provide a free 15-minute consultation to help you determine if mediation is right for you. If you wish to proceed, it is important that confidentiality and neutrality are maintained.

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